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Garden Bird

Too many species of bird are becoming extinct, due to the destruction of their habitats. Some species have become more urban in search of food and shelter, it is our social responsibility to help them. Visit garden bird and help our feathered friends.

Garden Bird:

"Garden Bird Supplies – The very best for your garden birds delivered direct to your door.

Garden Bird Supplies (GBS) has the widest selection of wild bird food in the UK!

Garden Bird Supplies is one of the UK's leading mail order suppliers of high quality wild bird and animal food, including its own trademarked "Ultiva" range, which is made to a secret recipe.

Choose from a fantastic product range including:

- Food Mixes

- Live FoodGarden Bird

- Bird Tables

- Nest Boxes

- Bird Baths

- Garden Bird Books, CDs and DVDs

- Bird Watching Products".

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Garden Bird

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