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Poultry, fowl, birds that produce edible eggs

Chickens are a type of domestic fowl which are widespread throughout the world. The natural habitat of chickens is free-range in some forest or jungle, and chickens roam around freely in many places, in an almost feral style. They forage on anything they can find, and scratch the surface of the jungle floor to uncover insects and other edible morsels. Chickens produce some notable products which humans find worthwhile, notably: EGGS, and chicken meat. Both of these are delicious, which is pretty good considering what the ingredients were in the first place.Chicken

Chickens are not flightless, even though some people imagine them to be. A chicken can take off vertically from the ground from a standing start and can land deftly on a tree branch. If you were to go skydiving with a chicken, you would need a parachute, but the chicken would not.

Chickens have a reputation for being fearful, cowardly, timid. However, this is overstated. Admittedly as you walk around, chickens will carefully step out of the way just in case you try to bag one of them. However, they are less scared of traffic than might be guessed, and also they don't fear fire as much as most creatures.

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A variety of phrases associated with chickens:

* Chickens coming home to roost - which means the consequences of previous actions coming back upon those who committed those deeds, for example hinted at in Zyra Circular 150 and also the problems SKY TV brought upon themselves.

* Don't count your chickens before they are hatched: which means don't add up your gains until you actually have them.

* Running around like headless chickens: meaning going around in a random aimless panic, a reference to the notion that beheaded chickens run around after the loss of the head.

Chicken* Chicken and egg situation: meaning a situation where the prerequisites are only there after the action.

* Chicken!: To call someone "chicken!" means to impugn their bravery.

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Pictures of chickens, including this: A free-range chicken resting on the sand of a Pacific beach in Panama.