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The world's most popular costume store!

It doesn't have to be Halloween to buy a crazy costume. And sometimes fun has to be taken seriously. So, here's where you can buy a fancy costume from a place which boldly declares "BuyCostumes.com is the world's largest Internet costume store; in 2003 1 out of 4 costumes sold online was sold by us! 2004 represents our 4th Halloween..." etc. Halloween is the busiest season at BuyCostumes.com, but the place is open for business all year-round. "Take a look at our site... Our safe, secure and easy to navigate site is unmatched by any competitor".

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As a matter of curious interest, BuyCostumes.com had the most remarkable list of Search Campaigns Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords (described as things that publishers are permitted to BID on (ie as part of silly PPC campaigns) in 2009). Now as you're reading this at Zyra's website, you'll see none of that silly PPC stuff here. However, the list is still interesting, as it gives a feel for the remarkable range of fancy dress costumes which the BuyCostumes company has available! Here's the list... 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