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Camden Market

This is a collection of places along Camden High Street, London, and the market extends to associated areas, shops, stalls, The Stables, Camden Lock, The Arches, Catacombs, places within places. Camden Market is very busy, especially on a Sunday. Visiting Camden Market is well recommended. Eclectic fashion for sure. It's to do with your own freedom of appearance: You don't have to look ordinary! In fact, it has been said in the early zero-zeros decade that it's become even more weird, interesting and diverse than it was in the 1970s. SAVE CAMDEN MARKET! Why? Does it need saving? YES, IT DOES! CAMDEN MARKET UNDER THREAT

Here's a list of a few of the places in Camden Market, and you are welcome to include some more links:

Black Rose Gothic Emporium


Uttam Direct



Gobbolino - www.gobbolino.co.uk - I'd like them to get in touch!

Oddity (was www.oddity.co.uk)

Darkside at 245 Camden High Street


Blaze On

London Piercing Clinic

Camden Markets .org
As of 2006/08/01 This site was said to have the ONLY UP-TO-DATE MAP of Camden markets on the web! (There is a large new development in the middle of Stables Market)

I wonder if the Tower of Gilgamesh will be having a website?!

Camden Lock.co.uk - seems to be back?

Camden Lock.net

Parallel Dimensions
Conjuring, magic tricks, prestidigitation (was http://www.pdbeyond.com)

Camden Guide

Funky Gnomes and Freaky Fairies
was www.funkygnomes.co.ukCamden

London Fetish Fair

The Lock Magazine - was www.thelockmagazine.co.uk

Camden at H2G2

Juggling, skating, dexterity requisites

Wigs on The Green

Swear - welcome back!

Camden Fringe

Uplink Cyber Cafe - was www.uplinkcybercafe.co.uk


Stables Market - was http://www.stablesmarket.com/

Home and Fashion Accessories, feather and guitar plectrum jewellery, and also contemporary home furnishings such as faux fur throws and camouflage duvet covers. (was http://www.mixer.uk.com )


Electric Ballroom   Market (was http://www.electric-ballroom.co.uk/electricmarket/ )

Millennium Art Gallery

Buffalo Boots (was www.buffalo-boots.co.uk)

Kalimantan +44 (0) 207 482 3595

Transmuters (It's true you know; they sell cat food as well as kinky boots!) - was http://www.transmuters.com - sadly the domain seems to be cybersquatted

Global Blotters


Old Empire

UK Affiliates

Chioko Piercing Studio



Vicious - was http://www.vicious.uk.net



Beyond Retro

Cobblers to the World - was http://www.transmuters.com - now lost to cybersquatters

Nando's Chicken Restaurant

Urban Mobility - was www.urbanmobility.co.uk


Cyber Goth - website to be announced

Raven Iron Art - welcome back!


Camden Town Network - domain www.camdentown.net lost!

Camden Town .co.uk

MarcusElectric Spiky rubber jewellery - was http://www.geocities.com/marcuselectric/
Spiky rubber gothic jewellery constructed from shards of rubber, coloured beads, chain and nails. Selling from Electric Ballroom, Camden, London. Does mail-order + wholesale.

Kodak Express Camden, 75 High Street, Camden, London NW1 7JL, Tel. +44 (0) 20 7387 9882
Fast Photo Printing, Location, press, wedding, and studio photographers available. Video Production. Web Site Design. Photo Restoration

Thip Top - Thai Fisherman's Clothing

...and there are a great many more, which will be added when we can. If you decide to e-mail about this page please mention Camden.

Also, WELL DONE to Camden Planning Authority for allowing shops in Camden to have outrageous things stuck on the fronts of buildings! Such open-minded libertarian policy has allowed freedom of expression in architecture, a good example which should be heeded by others in the Planning business.

The international fame of Camden Market is such that it gets a mention in the BLUE LIST world travel guide by Lonely Planet

2008/02/09 It is true there has been a FIRE. This does not mean Camden Market has been burnt down. Camden Market covers at least the area from Camden Town underground station to Chalk Farm, and the fire was mainly around 2 Castlehaven road. It may be that someone has set fire to some stuff just behind the Hawley Arms. If that was a political attack aimed at silencing alternativeness, it's failed. Camden Market will continue to be in business.