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Punky Fish

Punkyfish fashion shop, a notable landmark in Camden Market, has expanded such that now (2010) you can sometimes see Punkyfish shopping bags in some of the rural areas! (The pictures of Punkyfish shops on this page are from a variety of historical periods). Plus, with the movement to buying online, Punkyfish is now available internationally.

Punky Fish:Punkyfish

"Punkyfish is an exciting clothing label with a reputation for affordable designer clothing that has real 'Street Cred'.

The label has become a modern cult classic and its popularity has spread beyond its own 14 Stores all over the UK to include a network of over 550 retailers worldwide.Punkyfish

Punkyfish is not just another clothing label; it is a way of life, shaping a bright new world.

Punkyfish customers like to express themselves and are influenced by many creative cultures and general urban lifestyle.

Punkyfish is clothing for the young and energetic woman, making them feel confident; with a certain 'attitude'. Punkyfish is distinctive in their choice of bright and exciting styles and colours.

Punkyfish offers a unique and exciting range of clothing and accessories lines. The site is slick, fun and despite its extensive offering, newcomers can quickly get to grips with the ranges.".Punkyfish

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Punky Fish

Punky Fish

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