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The Fish page at Zyra.org.uk

Various fish-related links here, being added to all the time.

Natoora the Fishmonger *
Do you yearn for a decent fishmonger or simply don't have the time to get to yours before the best stuff has gone? Natoora can bring you some of the best fish around delivered to your door.

Live Fish Store * - tropical marine fish for the aquarium

Saltwaterfish.com *

Martins Seafresh *

The Fish Society *

Very quiet FishtankFarm 2 Market

Gluten-Free Fish & Chips

Omaha Steaks *
Yes, they really do sell fish too.

Aquarium List


Discus Fish - aquarium guide * - was http://www.discus-fish-secrets.com/?hop=zyra1 - sadly affiliate link removed because of the Clickbank Problem. Shame!

Fishing - and angling

Punky Fish * - fashion

Albert Darnell Ltd - Grimsby Fresh Fish - was www.grimsbyfreshfish.com but I think it should have been ...fish.net !Zurich

Fish Art - at Toxic Drums

End of the Line - fish conservation is required. So, when you're buying fish, make sure it's ethical and sustainable. Also see Marine Stewardship Council. Well done to Rupert Murray!

Shark Attack - real risk or over-hyped?

Make sure the fish you buy is Dolphin-Friendly, and also Albatross-Friendly!

Fishtanks burst by frost? You can insure against that at Zurich Insurance

Picture of Grimsby

7zhou Sea-Fishing Club - was http://fishing.nease.net/ - "A small but friendly club with an interest in Sea Fishing from the Hainan China"

Unsuspecting anglers caught up in lottery-number finding scheme

Keeping fish in your Garden Pond - helpful aquatic gardening water feature contact

Click here to go to weird hillbillys wearing beerboxes on their headsThe Pagan Fishgod Priests - was http://www.paganfish.com

Fishy Price of Fish at Tesco

Rubber Fish Aquarium WebCam

www.channel4.com/fish - throughout Europe, the ludicrous practice of Discard (dumping good fish dead into the sea). Time to put an End To Discard! More about this at FishFight.net

Crazyfish: Not Your Mother's Goldfish? - was http://members.aol.com/sculpturedfish/ - another one gone belly-up because of AOL Hometown

Fish Memory - a curious page about how the memory of a fish may be considerably better than the folklore assumes.

Fish Farming - CAN be sustainable (or not) depending on what the farmed fish are fed on. If they are fed on Wild Fish Pellets then it's not sustainable. However, if farmed fish are fed on Leftovers then it can be sustainable. Watch out for Tesco changing their labels on canned tuna fish!

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