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How Long is a Fisherman's Tale?

Engage any enthusiastic angler face to face in conversation about their sport and you'll hear many a good story. Listen and nod in appreciation of the tale, but be on your guard. Sooner or later your moment will arrive and you've got to be the fastest gun in the West. After a while the fisherman will say something like "It were THAT big!", and this phrase is accompanied by the familiar gesture with the hands outstretched indicating the actual dimensions of the fish in question. At that moment you shout "Hold it!" and pull out an inchtape! To the surprise of your storyteller you quickly measure the distance from one hand to the other, ie the purported length of the fish! And you write it down in a notebook. Giving such apparent interest and credence to such people you'll be "The Fisherman's Friend" for life, without being a pastille.

Drawbacks: You'll have to spend a long time listening to a lot of very long very fishy stories from at least six fishermen to get your full quota of numbers.

Other notes: The length will never be less than ten inches, so subtract ten from the number. If it's still more than 49 inches, subtract another 49.


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