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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...


How to select your lottery numbers using electricity. Last thing at night, each night for a week after Saturday, read your electric meter. Just the last two digits. If it's 50 or more, subtract 50. If it's exactly 50 or 00, use the next two digits. By next Saturday you'll have your six numbers ready.

PowergenThe UK National LotteryStar quality: The mystic ritual of poking about in the dark each night gives the method an air of witchcraft. Further philosophical oomph is added by the realisation that the final selection of numbers is dependant not merely on factors when you are rolling dice for example, but on numerous aspects of your personal behaviour throughout the day; what lights you switch on, how much tv you watch, how long you microwave your food, etc.

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Also see ELECTRIC COMPANIES. More mystical aspects of electric are explored by Powergen as well as the luckiness associated with The National Lottery