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List of electricity and energy supply companies

Have your electricity delivered?E.ON *
the new name for
Powergen *

npower *
Also, boiler installation, servicing and more from
npower hometeam *

Southern Electricity *

Spark Energy USA *

Scottish Power *Scottish Southern Electric

EDF Energy *
Save Today Save Tomorrow

Energylinx *
Comparison of electricity/gas suppliers

First Utility *
Free Smart Meters

uSwitch *
Comparison of different providers

simply switch *
Comparison of various providers

The Eco Experts *
Solar panel installation comparison

Energy Helpline *
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers
EDF Energy

Energy Helpline Business *
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

UK Power *
Comparison of electricity/gas suppliers

Solvari *
Comparison of solar panel providers

eEnergy.co.uk *E.ON

EnergyOn.co.uk (awin) *

Powergen Central Heating *

BizzEnergy * - Businesses need to keep overheads down and they can switch and save up to 35% on their electricity costs in just 5 minutes online at the BizzEnergy site. (awin)

British Gas *
Yes, British Gas is a gas company that also sells electricity

Utilities.me.uk - was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk/elec.htm


Electricity 4 Business *

London Electricity - www.london-electricity.co.uk

Yorkshire Electricity

EDF Energy *

Scottish Hydro Power

Eastern Electricity


Seeboard - was www.seeboardenergy.co.uk

Northern Electricity

Independent Energy



Southwestern Electricity

Virgin Energy - was www.virgin-energy.co.uk - see Virgin 0800 085 000 uk

Servista *

Off-peak, electricity is discounted, so how about the same idea applied to GAS?! Why is there no such thing as Economy7 Gas ?

In case of electricity power failure, the lights go out, but also other things fail which you might not have thought about. Electricity failure can also affect gas, and phone. More about this in Hidden Problems in Power Cut

Electrical Engineering and High Voltage Power Lines

Instead of building real power stations, the UK has a scheme in which the same money can be put to saving energy, making the equivalent saving of an entire power station's worth of energy. See Warm Front

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Also, did you know you can use your electric meter to help select your lottery numbers? A bit silly really though... Electric!

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Find a Texas electric company with Eisenbach Consulting, a Public Utility Commission licensed aggregator in Texas.