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Electrical Engineering and Industry

Soon after the discovery of electricity it was found that electricity could be made to do things which were useful. Electrical engineering is the logical extension of this and has got so far (2005) that gigawatts of electricity can be controlled and directed, and ingenious electrical machines have been invented which improve the quality of life for humankind.

Electric Companies - electric power generation and distribution.

Electric Shops - where you can see some of these ingeniously useful machines!

Underground Railways / electric railways

Electronics Magazines including power applications

Home Automation - computer controlled lights and heating

Electrical Appliance Manufacturers - makers of domestic appliances

Radio transmission systems and associated equipment

There are a few interesting ideas at the electronics page here, along with audio-related stuff.

Car Electrics: See Car ... and Car Accessories

There is a high voltage transformer for sale at Zyra's Bazaar under the entry "Transformer". So, if you want 100,000 volts at 2000 watt-hours, it might be worth a look. It's on wheels, if that's any help!

For industrial quality transformers generally, including 3-phase power transformers for wind-farms, a good contact to know is Electro-Wind. They can wind a transformer of any size from 10VA to 1250VA, so that could be worth knowing about!

Electronics and component parts

How much electricity are you using ?

Electricidad Moncayo - Electricista en Panama (sector oeste)

Voltage and Current explained

Power and Energy explained

AC / DC explained

Which is more dangerous AC or DC? ?

Why is the Voltage so high on power lines ?

How many things can you plug in a power outlet without overloading it ?