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Also see Transport and Underground InterestView out of the front of an underground train


Underground Railways

London Underground

Paris Metro

New York Subway - was http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us

Moscow Metro

Amsterdam GVB

Tokyo Metro

Montreal Stcum Métro

Shanghai Metro

Eurostar - to book your Eurostar tickets, see Eurostar Citybreaks

A site well worth visiting on this subject is Subway Navigator - http://www.subwaynavigator.com - gone? - which gives tours of the world's underground railways.

More URLs and contacts round the world will be added, although it may take a while.

Into UNDERGROUND special interest generally? Take a look at Underground Interest

People ask "Which cities in the UK have underground railways?". The answer seems to be: London, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Di you know of any others? People sometimes ask "Why doesn't Birmingham have an underground train system?". The answers are not simply a matter of the city population, but also the geology. There was a plan to have an underground railway in Manchester, but then there was a credit crunch.


London Underground

Glasgow Subway

Tyne and Wear Metro - Newcastle

Merseyrail - Liverpool