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Trains built for speedFrom the UK to the Continent, Eurostar Citybreaks is the fast way to travel. "City Breaks to Paris, Brugge, Brussels, Euro DisneyLand, Lille and more. All orders are taken and confirmed online. This is quite unusual for specialist travel companies".

"Sit back, relax and enjoy as the countryside speeds past you at 186 mph. City breaks to Paris, Lille, Brugge, Brussels, Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris are our speciality and Eurostar is the best way to travel in comfort through to these wonderful cities for a weekend break. With up to 28 trains a day there is a good chance there will be a train at the times you want. The journey to Paris takes just under 3 hours and to Brussels just 2 hours 10 mins, if you travel from Ashford in Kent then the journey takes an hour less".

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Link here for Eurostar CityBreaks

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I've nothing against the City Breakaways company, who I believe to be a perfectly reasonable travel company, and I have promoted them while the affiliate program lasted. However, now the program has ended (2007) I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I do not like Eurostar! A long while ago I had a problem on Eurostar and my health suffered because of it. The people supposed to deal with complaints were ineffective and I don't see why we should let Eurostar get away with railroading over people regardless of life and death just because they have something which feels like it's a "Holy Cow" status with the government. So I suggest different travel arrangements to get across the Channel. Flying is cheaper! see Air France. Cruising across the Channel has better views. See P and O Ferries. I'm holding back at telling everyone about the vulnerabilities of underwater underground railways, but I think you can guess I am not optimistic about Eurostar! I feel they owe me a lot more than an apology!

http://www.citybreakaways.com/ channel tunnel affiliate program was with Affiliate Window


Plus, a minor point, on those quoted travel times. They are before you consider the messing about waiting and going through all the security as if it's an airport. Not that any of this makes it "secure". In fact, I regard it as not particularly secure at all. But perhaps I should not say too much about it.