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Electronics Magazines

Electronic Product Review

Elsevier Business Information including Electronic Product News www.ebi.be (gone!)

Electronics Weekly

Reed Business - a diverse variety of specialist magazines
Yes, it's true! EDN - They sent me a free DOLLAR BILL in the post!

Everyday Electronics
Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) Magazine - hobby electronics magazine.

Technology Research News

Electronics World - was http://www.softcopy.co.uk/electronicsworld

Essentials in Electronics www.grannormedia.co.uk - actually I'm not sure but I think they are the printers. If so, perhaps we should have a PRINTERS page to put the link on.

dpa - Design Products and Applications - general engineering

www.light-wave.com - even though that's a PHOTONICS magazine!

Plus, there's the Maplin Catalogue - is that a magazine? It's online now!

Also see the Xyroth Enterprises list of recommended magazines

Is your electronics magazine not on here? Don't worry - get it included. e-mail

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