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Electrical Appliance Manufacturers
Makers of domestic electrical appliances...

You can't usually buy direct from the manufacturers, but you can buy their products from Electrical Shops

Morphy Richards * - toasters, and other things too. Now with a dedicated page at this site!

Dyson * - Inventor of the famous Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner

LG - Life's Good!Dyson
The website doesn't work on my browser (2007) but I hope you have better luck with it!

Zanussi - Zanussi Electrolux

Sony *Philips

Lec - fridges from Bognor Regis

Philips *


Toshiba *

Panasonic *

GoldstarPanasonic eShop

Russell Hobbs - kettles, and other things


Kenwood - famous for the Kenwood ChefSony



Indesit - this version of the site works without Flash


Belling - electric cookers etc

Nisato - Panama

More to be added!

* = We have an affiliate program there.

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If you are a customer looking to buy a domestic appliance, you can't usually buy direct from the manufacturer. They have retail networks who support the customer and have backup service. So, see Electrical Shops