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The Toshiba company, world-famous name in electronics. Toshiba: "A premier brand long recognized for its quality Notebook PC's and digital products. Toshiba Direct.com is the place people come to buy Notebook and Tablet PC's, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Projectors and Toshiba brand accessories direct from the manufacturer".

Toshiba products include:

In addition, Toshiba's online store carries a wide selection of computer accessories and peripherals from major third party brands.

Well worth a closer look:

TOSHIBATOSHIBAThe link was here to go to TOSHIBA

http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com affiliate program was with Trade Doubler. Sadly, the program has now finished, we hope they will have another go soon Tosh! In the meantime, please visit our Electrical Shops page for alternatives.

Sadly, they've gone once more!

Update: We like Toshiba and we'd like to promote them. When the affiliate program moved to Commission Junction we applied to join their affiliate program (after all, there are many Merchants we promote at CJ, and many Famous Brand Names are promoted at this site). Sadly, at that time, Toshiba declined us. That's sad, and it's their loss, as they could have been continuing to have a promotional link. Still, it's anyone's prerogative to miss out.

I responded thus: "Oh well. Thanks for responding, anyway. Please keep a note of our communication, and if at some future time Toshiba has a change of heart on the acceptance of diversity in the world, so interesting unusual portals such as mine are accepted, please let me know :-) "

The invitation remains open, and Toshiba are welcome to contact us