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house.co.ukBritish Gas / Scottish GasBritish Gas

The UK's largest energy company, featured at Zyra's affiliate website

In the words of British Gas: "As the largest energy company in the UK, with over 15 million customers and an extensive product range, British Gas continues to be the first choice for customers home needs". British Gas - Doing the Right ThingThe British Gas brand has a wealth of history and recognition behind it. Welcome Back to British Gas! This page about British Gas British Gas Serviceoriginally described British Gas as the main gas company in the UK and the review went on to explain about the availability of Natural Gas at a reasonable price in the UK and other services offered by Centrica. The page spoke well of British Gas and was good for business. The review quoted the words of British Gas themselves regarding the choosing of a central heating system from British Gas, and discussed installing gas and electric heating, showers, radiators, etc. There was a period when this page was reduced, at the request of British Gas, but now we are back advertising the place again!British Gas WebSaver13

Some more from British Gas: "Committed to providing an exemplary service, British Gas launched its online home, house.co.uk, in 2001 making access to our products and services even easier. Designed to be the leading website for home needs in the UK, house.co.uk aims to provide an online home management service designed to help customers run their homes more smoothly".

About house.co.uk?
"Against the background of a highly competitive market, we continue to be the first choice for millions of customers, highlighting the inherent strength in the British Gas and House brands. We offer consumers an exceptional customer service experience that differentiates us from other brands, making our products and services very successful with consumers".

It is true that the UK energy market is indeed a highly competitive market for electricity and Gas, and it would be foolish to ignore the fact that there exist energy deal comparison sites such as uSwitch and EnergyLinx, but as British Gas British Gas EnergySmartare the leading energy supply company they must be confident they can win against the competition by offering a better deal to the customer. This kind of thing is a hotly debated subject, and you should look at all sides of the story and make your own mind up. British Gas in the form of house.co.uk have a lot to say about this, (note the rollercoaster allegory in which British Gas shows you the gas price falling), but they have their critics too, for example see the material provided by uSwitch about the alleged British Gas Price Rise. Freedom of choice is important, and it's up to you as the customer to make the right choice. Choose wisely! Also, it's not just the price to consider, but the quality of service.

More from British Gas:

British Gas - Doing the right thingBritish Gas products and services

Gas and electricity
"We supply both gas and electricity to domestic customers across Britain. With no standing charges, online account management and our new Free evening and weekend telephone calls package, all our customers can benefit from our commitment to providing excellent customer service and value for money pricing".

British Gas ServiceAs well as being a leading provider of gas and electricity, British Gas can also offer HomeCare, which is a maintenance contract to look after the essential parts of the home. For example the gas Boiler and Controls, Central heating, plumbing and drains, and electrics.

British Gas are the experts on Central heating systems!

"Whether you are thinking of installing gas central heating or you would like to improve your existing system, British Gas can offer you the products, installation service and expert advice to suit your needs". ... (to find out more you can book an appointment online!)house.co.uk

Extra Services by British Gas:

"As well as providing customers with a choice of products they can suit to their lifestyle, we are committed to providing the exemplary service expected from British Gas, including several exclusive online services:

If you’d like to find out more about any of the above products and services, visit the British Gas website www.house.co.uk "

At Zyra's independent affiliate website www.zyra.org.uk we are happy to be advertising British Gas again. By having us back on the affiliate program they truly are "Doing the right thing". Welcome Back British Gas! And Good Luck to them versus their competition in the modern competitive UK energy market!

If you have been tempted by any of this, and you live in the UK, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To have a closer look at British Gas!

www.gas.co.uk and www.house.co.uk and www.britishgas.co.uk affiliate program is with TradeDoubler

British Gas Guarantee

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Good News 2006: A gas company selling electricity is a concept which some people find quite odd, but now you may be intrigued to hear that British Gas as well as selling electricity will now be selling Life Insurance. Oh yes, it's true. We're pleased to be helping British Gas in this, and you can see the new dedicated page: British Gas Life Insurance. Also see British Gas Home Insurance and British Gas Loans. Plus, Dyno-Rod (unbungers of blocked drains) is now part of British Gas!

Meanwhile on the energy supply business, here's some extra information about the British Gas promotion curiously called "Fix and Fall" (see the rollercoaster imagery to see how this makes sense). These quotes are from British Gas in August 2006:

British Gas EnergySmartWith Fix and Fall from British Gas you could fix both your gas and electricity prices at our new September rates until December 2008, and even better, at the end of next year your energy prices will actually fall. There's no cancellation charges and no tie-ins. You could join over one million of our customers who have already benefited from protecting their energy prices. Find out more

With Fix and Fall from British Gas you could fix both your gas and electricity prices at our new September rates until December 2008, and even better, at the end of next year your energy prices will actually fall. Over one million of our customers have already benefited from protecting their prices, and you could too. Click here for details

You could get discounts that add up to 345 PLUS we'll freeze your energy prices until later this year when you sign up for your gas and electricity with Click Energy from British Gas. Click Energy is our new online service which rewards you for managing your energy accounts online by offering you our best available prices. If you'd like to save money and time with Click Energy then sign up today! Click here for more details

Details correct at time of publishing (2006/08). Constructive suggestions of amendments can be made (please include facts and details). correct

house.co.ukBritish Gas / Scottish GasBritish Gas
The UK's largest energy company, featured at Zyra's affiliate website, where you get to hear both sides of the story before making your mind up.

Update 2008/05: British Gas are now giving away free electric lightbulbs! Economy bulbs, that is, not gaslamps. However, there is some limelight to be had.

In 2010/11, British Gas had some rather odd TV ads. These featured people who were animated characters but with live-action faces, resulting in the ads being described by some people as "disturbing". However, whether they were disturbing or not, they were memorable. Also, the ads were set in a universe where people lived on little planets which were "their world" and the house would be the main feature. This is very good philosophically, and it may be that the famous British Gas company has hit upon something which has a deep meaning expressed as a metaphor.

MethaneAs a matter of interest, British Gas mains gas supplied to British homes used to be "Town Gas" which was made from coal, and these days it is Natural Gas which is actually methane. Methane gas in its pure form has no smell, so for safety reasons the gas company adds a distinctive smell to the gas. The company, British Gas, as well as being a supplier of gas, is also a supplier of electricity, which may seem odd, but it's a competitive market, and they are in the energy business. Methane gas will never run out. The "natural gas" under the ground will be exhausted some day, but methane will never end. The clue is in the term "natural gas". Eating baked beans may give an insight about the supply of methane. The gas is produced from organic stuff being digested, rotting, or otherwise being chemically decomposed. The smell might change, but it will still be flammable gas. Some people have been running their cars on natural gas for years.

Also see British Gas Business if you have a company with energy requirements.