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If you've arrived at this page from a page which made comment or personal opinion about a company, organisation, or government, you may be interested to know a few things about the policies at this site:

Firstly, as a matter of freedom of expression online, personal opinions are expressed. It's the intention at this site to be honest in expressing opinion, and accurate in stating fact. It's also the intention to be fair to everyone, and to be on good terms with everyone as much as is possible (especially bearing in mind the greater importance of honesty and accuracy). However, if you feel that information is incorrect in fact, or that there is unfairness in the way something is expressed, you may write and put in a request for adjustments: e-mail (Please mention the exact page in question).

As a matter of background to this, it is a fact that this website www.zyra.org.uk is in the business of affiliate marketing and advertises many different companies. The site is International (don't be fooled by the ".uk" on the end of the domain) (see regional policy) and has thousands of pages (see site index) and has business relationships with some world-famous companies (See a few at the Shopping Portal and the Financial Sector for example). However, there have been a few situations where a company has refused this site on the affiliate program. Now let's get this right: A company MAY refuse the site, but they must give a good reason. Companies considering this site for their affiliate program are urged to read the Judging Page BEFORE making their decision.

But, having said that, some companies have DENIED this site on their affiliate program and have not given good reasons, or have waffled on and hoped the problem would go away, or have discriminated against people here for having unorthodox dress-sense or for having a particular apparent skin colour or for having various beliefs, or some other arbitrary conventionalist notion. Many of these issues are covered in the Judging Page, but this has strangely been overlooked by some. You'd think that when making important business decisions, due importance would be placed upon getting it right! Sometimes it's just badly organised, or a lack of communication between different departments.

PLUS, for any company or corporate entity to end up with being written about in a negative way at this site, they've generally got to have done something quite bad, and not just that, but to have then compounded the error by failing to communicate. Generally, even companies that have made very bad decisions have escaped bad comment here because they have been honest about it and stated their diplomatic position. It is those that ignore communication who come off worst.

There have also been situations where companies or corporate entities have earned criticism at this site because they insisted on policies which were unfair or unjust, for example having protectionist policies such as exclusivity of affiliation. This kind of thing is considered as bad as the operation of pyramid schemes. However, in all cases the companies concerned have been given a chance to repent their ways. It is not a question of whether protectionism (or pyramid-selling for that matter) is legal or illegal in any particular county; it's a matter of whether it's RIGHT or WRONG! At this site we take the view that it's WRONG, and will embarrass places that insist on unfair policies and places that think they can get away with being ignorant.

However, we're very friendly and reasonable here and will consider any polite and reasonable requests, and will most likely make adjustments to pages where appropriate. e-mail here

Other site policies can be seen at the SITE POLICIES and the About This Site section.

Meanwhile, folks, have a look around this site and see how nice we've been to places that have ACCEPTED the site on their affiliate programs and have had good PR and kept in communication. There's some in most sectors of business at CATEGORIES