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If your drains are bunged up and your toilet won't flush properly, of course you're likely to try a few things to get it unbunged in a do-it-yourself style. Stamp Demon gives a guide to preventing blocked drains. But now your drains are blocked,Dyno-Rod you need to do something about it, and the first resort is the DIY approach: Putting a load of +caustic soda down the loo, lifting the drain covers and giving the drains a good poke with some chimney sweep's rods that you happened to have around, etc. However, if all else fails, it's worth knowing that you can get the drains un-bunged, cleaned out, flushed away, and a guarantee stuck on saying it's not going to be a problem. Of course the professional services of Dyno-Rod come at a price, but it's not as expensive as you might guess. Plus, you are told in advance how much you'll have to pay, and there's no messing about and clichéd plumber-style intake of breath indicating it's going to cost a huge and arbitrary amount of money. The Dyno-Rod drain unblocking service comes at a fixed price (typically £100 GBP), although it is slightly cheaper if you book the appointment to be before 4pm today or the next day. It's also cheaper to book online, so it's a good thing there's a link to Dyno-Rod here.

When my drains got bunged up, I lifted all four of the inspection covers up and saw that all of the underground pits were all disturbingly full of disgustingly foul stuff, and I gave them a good poking-about with various flexible implements that were available. It stank! However, after half an hour's work on the appalling problem, I decided my time could be better spent, and I put in an online request to Dyno-Rod to come and fix it. A good decision, it turns out, for various reasons.Blocked Drain!

I'll tell you the story lower down the page, but first here's what the people at Dyno-Rod have to say...

Dyno Rod: "Dyno-Rod Drains are the UK's premier repair service, offering fast, professional solutions to building maintenance problems. Our comprehensive drains services are available across the United Kingdom and Ireland, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, provided by local teams of fully trained and equipped engineers.UK only

The Dyno brand has a wealth of history and recognition behind it. Dyno-Rod Products and Services / Plumbing and Drains / Further Information:

If you’d like to find out more about the products and services that Dyno-Rod has to offer for plumbing and Drains, please visit dyno.com

Dyno-RodAnyway, as I was saying, you have to balance the time and expense and stink involved in tackling drain-unbunging yourself, with the alternative of paying a fixed fee and having the problem swept away as if by magic. To draw an analogy, if you found your house was haunted by restless spirits rather than the uncanny odour of fouled-up drains, you might try a few things yourself, or you might decide after a while that it would be more cost-effective to get Ghostbusters to come and sort it out! At least then there's be no doubt that the problem had been resolved and gone away!

Dyno Jet-Propelled NozzleWith your screw-together broomsticks, you are delving into a world of the unknown. You might strike it lucky and hear that gurgling-away sound as the obstruction is dislodged and all the disgusting stuff goes away quietly, but there could be anything down there, and it might be more tricky. However, with Dyno-Rod, the device in use is a jet-propelled nozzle, which drives itself upstream. It IS rocket science, and the nozzle is propelled right up the drain by squirting water out of the back of rear-facing jets. You know how when you see a rocket blasting off, there's all that stuff blasting out of the back, lifting the spacecraft off the ground. That is what's going on with a Dyno-Rod nozzle, except it's hydraulic. There is only one jet facing forward, and all the rest are aft-facing. This makes the device propel itself forwards, up the drain, pulling its high-pressure hose behind it. It will nip up the drain like a rocket-powered ferret. There is quite a bit of power behind this, as the pumps onboard the Dyno-Rod van can pump fourteen gallons of water per minute, from a 250 gallon tank onboard the van. Anything behind the nozzle stands very little chance of remaining stuck in the drain, and it will generally be swished away never to be seen again!

Drains that are awkward to get access toBecause of the awesome power of a Dyno-Rod jet-propelled nozzle, even drains that are "tricky to get at", can be cleaned out. The operator of the Dyno-Rod machine (usually a self-employed operator as Dyno-Rod is a franchise) may decide to use some precision tools on the ends of poles to cope with large solid objects such as rocks and glass found in drains, but most of the soft messy stuff is sent away at considerable speed by the nozzle.

The mysterious unseen world of drains is no longer as hidden as it was, as the Dyno-Rod company has remote CCTV equipment for having a look up drains. This costs extra, but you may feel it's worth it to have a souvenir video of the grand cleaning-out!

Anyway, it's good to be able to flush the toilet and not have the pan fill right up with water.

If you would like to get Dyno-Rod to come and look at YOUR drains, there are some things to bear in mind:

1. You need to be in the UK, or at least, your drain needs to be in the UK.UK only
2. You need to have about £100 GBP which you're glad to spend to rid yourself of the "blocked drains" problem. You don't need to pay online; you can pay in cash when the job is done.
3. It's cheaper if the drain cleaning is done before 4pm, so if it's 5pm already then you may consider putting a request in right now to have it done tomorrow.
4. It's cheaper if you book online. Don't worry; they'll phone you back.

If this is for you, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.dyno.com affiliate program is with Steak Digital

We're still hoping the Dyno-Rod Plumbing and Drains Affiliate programme will return soon. In the meantime, you can get insurance by the AA and then the AA experts will turn up and fix things if your drains get blocked. See AA Home Emergency Response (insurance / home breakdown).

Other things:

* Dyno-Rod vans are painted in a spectacular fluorescent orange colour. This is known as Dyno-Orange, and is a trademark of Dyno-Rod. This doesn't mean they "own" the colour. If you want to have hair dye that colour, you're free to do so. However Dyno-Rod would grumble if any of their rivals started painting their vans in that classic colour. However, for house walls, hair colour, wallpaper, etc, anything goes, provided it doesn't have anything to do with unbunging of drains. Incidentally, the colour is difficult to capture on digital cameras!

* Yes, the Dyno-Rod vans typically have cherished number plates. This gives them an even more noticeable "presence".

* Dyno-Rod is a franchise system, so if you don't think there are enough Dyno-Rod vans in your area and you fancy setting up in business, you could ask Dyno Rod if they have a vacancy for a franchise in your region.

* The photographs of Dyno-Rod and drains on this page are not copyright Dyno-Rod, they are copyright Zyra. However, if you ask nicely I'll probably be happy for you to use them if you give me a credit and a link back.

+ Caustic Soda? Be careful! Although it is true that putting sodium hydroxide down the loo might help to dissolve away any organic matter, you have to be careful as it produces heat. Modern plastic pipes don't like hot corrosive material, and neither does your skin if any of it gets on you!

* If you're looking down a hole aghast at the goings-on, try to avoid the expression of "mouth open in amazement". It's far healthier to keep your mouth closed and to breathe out through your nose.

* For more info, Visit Dyno-Rod here