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Some kinds of business are ready-made and the way of running the business has been road-tested in advance. These are franchises, and are sometimes part of a multiple chain of shops where the corporate image is controlled centrally but the branches are run by entrepreneurs who have signed up to the network. A few places that are into buying and selling of franchises include...

Franchise Gator
A wealth of opportunity to start your own business and make some money.

Franchise For Sale
Franchise for Sale business directory offers descriptions of franchise opportunities and businesses for sale.

Small Business Franchise
Small Business Franchise.com is a wealth of information for people looking to start a business or purchase a franchise Browse the Small Business Opportunity site and learn about the top small business opportunities and franchise business opportunity listings available. We have comprehensive directories of business franchise for sale listings.

Restaurant Franchises
Restaurant Franchise provides a comprehensive directory of food franchises including coffee franchises, pizza franchises, food franchises, ice cream franchises, donut franchises, and bakery franchises.

Food Franchise
Restaurant Franchise offers many different food franchises all in one location. Choose from various food franchises and more!

Small Post Offices
Local village branches of
The Post Office in the UK are small shops and are in effect franchise representations of the UK postal service and Post Office Services, not just stamps but also administration of driving licenses, giro cheques, and various other essential local facilities, as well as focal points of amenity. Save them!

Dyno Rod
Yes, the famous British drain unblocking company is organised as a franchise system.