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Save the Local Post Office!

A local post offices is a small shop which forms a central focus point of a local community. Local post offices provide services, connect up administration, and are part of local culture, as well as selling stamps and linking up the international delivery system. Plus, local post offices are small business which make a profit. So why are they an endangered species? Why would a government want to close down post offices? It has been rumoured that there is something sinister about this. Maybe it's something insidious to do with controlling everything from a centralised bureaucracy, or something like that, it's hard to say for sure. If you think about it, running things locally might give people hope they still have a say in matters, and the idea there could still be a chance to have democracy, rather than the relentless rush to a centralised autocratic tyranny which some governments (mentioning no names) seem hellbent on. Anyway, folk don't seem so easy to defeat as the repressive regime would like to believe, and many local communities are putting up a spirited fight against the closures. Immense popular support for the "Save Our Post Office" campaign are found in many areas, and there have been heroic acts of civil disobedience and direct action, things that would have appeared on the News, except of course it's hushed up by the Establishment. Here at Zyra's website are a few links to some of the many campaigns that are going on. Please write in to get yours added!

Save Langworth Post Office - www.savelangworthpostoffice.co.uk - also see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1nOfgfm5Rw

Save Shrewsbury Post Office - was http://saveourpostoffice.co.uk/

Save Bishop Street Post Office - was www.savebishopstreet.org.ukThe Post Office

Save Willingdon Post Office

Save Rippingale Post Office

Save Tadcaster Post Office - was http://www.wetherbynews.co.uk/wetherby-news/Fight-on-to-save-post.3564268.jp - No Deep linking policy?

Save Daventry Post Office

Save Dalmarnock Post Office

Save Collyweston Post Office

Also see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/lincolnshire/7300539.stm

These are just a few, and we know there must be thousands of "save our post office" scenarios out there. I even heard of one where the government were insistent on closing a local post office even though it was profitable and economically viable and the locals had gone to immense trouble to campaign for it to be open, and the government were trying to replace it with a weekly visit by a gas-guzzling armoured car staffed by two security guards at a cost which would be extortionate to the tax budget as well as being a carbon footprint shamefully deep and black in the melting snow.

The Post OfficePutting the Post Office profitability in perspective, if you ran a small shop in a village, how much would your business improve if you could hang a "Post Office" sign outside and add such a worthy famous franchise as "The Post Office" to your business portfolio? It would be better than giving away Green Shield Stamps! See, it's not a matter of profitability, it's a matter of politics.

To confirm this fact about the profitability of Post Offices, it turns out that The Post Office is a company whose accounts have to be made public. Therefore they are open to public scrutiny. So what happens when experts look into the workings of the Post Office? Well, it seems the official government line is highly skewed, as The Post Office makes a good profit, and even in the small minority of cases where a particular post office makes a loss, it is almost always a Crown Post Office that's making a loss, not one of the small post offices out in the sticks.

To add your "Save Our Post Office" campaign to the list, please write in and hopefully your website can be added here. If you have no website yet, you'll be interested to hear it's fairly easy to get a website and then your story is there for the world to see!

Terry O'Halloran's book "The Fight for Our Post Office" is on sale and available from the same publishers who published If only Politicians Had Brains. If you'd like a copy by post, you may have to pay for the stamps.