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Clearly these are the sort of places we should be advertising on here. Your local friendly small shop is generally a good idea. Besides such aspects as the individual versus big business, there's also the fact that for some things the corner shop is actually cheaper! But don't take my word for it, add up the prices of things, and the distance to the supermarkets, etc. I've seen people buy stuff at a supermarket and then call for a taxi to get home, making it dearer than their local shop!

Ok, here's the list of places on here so far...


Oh, none on here so far. In contrast the big supermarkets all have their own websites. In the interests of fair competition I propose including ads for local shops too. So, please e-mail and I'll try to include an advert on here.

I think that more of the small shops should have their own websites! If you run a small shop, get your own website! The cost is minimal, especially if you get Vivostar to host it. It isn't about "shopping online" but more a matter of improving the fame of your business. You can tell your own story in an "about us" way, make fun of the supermarkets' overcommercialised ways if you like, and encourage customer loyalty to shop locally. Plus, it looks good to have www.[your shop name] etc on your carrier bags.

Now a few things related to shops. Shop fittings, point of sale material, etc:

UK Carrier Bags 4U - was www.ukcarrierbags4u.co.uk

Also see Business , Shop and Office Equipment, etc.

Small shops include local Post Offices. Save them!

Also note that in a shopping experiment performed 2008/10/04 in the UK, free range eggs were found to be cheaper at the corner shop than at the supermarket. The corner shop free range eggs were cheaper even on the price paid over the counter, even before considering the fact that supermarkets are almost always further away and therefore there's an additional cost to consider in transport and time and environmental impact.

In bad weather, the small local grocers and general dealers' shops are even more worthwhile, for a simple reason: They are nearer.