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If only Politicians Had BrainsIf only Politicians Had Brains

At last the government and establishment are held up to be looked at in the rational light of day ...and found to be wanting.

This quality hardback book reveals the astonishing truth and demonstrates with considerable wit and style how the trusted representatives of the people are failing to apply basic common sense to situations in life.

Terence P O'Halloran (Terry O'Halloran to his friends and international tax consultancy clients), tells it how it is, revealing the astonishing and stark truth of what really goes on in the UK. British beef, fox hunting, rats and mice, financial fund mishandling, traffic roundabouts, and a variety of other intriguing subjects, are examined and the priorities put into perspective.

Here's a quote snaffled from the official site of Life Publications : "You may not be old enough to remember 'Yes Minister' but does government really work like that? If it does, you really need a sense of humour to examine not only its workings but also its non- workings. That is exactly what 'If Only Politicians Had Brains' does.

If we could just get inside the 'BSE' crisis wouldn't it be interesting to see how a government has managed to spread the problem rather than contain it? You cannot grind up millions of tons of dodgy beef and not have the moles and voles, rats and bats and everything that feed on the waste getting in on the act and taking on a mind bending disease that will confuse the best of scientists.

It takes a Jonathon Creek comparison to illustrate just what lengths civil servants, avaricious bankers and over zealous regulators will go to, to cook the books: A murder most foul, but how was it committed? 'If Only Politicians Had Brains' will fascinate and enthral you.

Listed under humour in all the best libraries this is a book to regale you with stories. The book written for men that women love to read. if only to establish just how inept the opposite sex is. If you didn't laugh you would most certainly cry: if only for help.

This is a must read book. Misconceptions overturned, perceptions reduced to facts with all the guile of 'Baldric' and the imagination of 'Ronnie Barker's - Mr Arkwright' of Open All Hours' fame.

The TV parallels are uncanny. The humour and wit unashamedly pointed and the book 'If Only Politicians Had Brains' is a one that you will be reluctant to put down. It is probably time for you to pick it up. Order your copy direct with the publisher, by sending a cheque to Life Publications Ltd, 88 Newland Lincoln LN1 1YA".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link: Life Publications

(If you buy your copy now, it will be good for a great many years into the future, and you'll still be able to refer to it in private even if the government tries to ban the book!)

Did you know? You can Buy this book at Waterstone's?

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