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The mistaken idea that most people vote FOR politicians

In countries that like to think they are democracies, politicians are elected on the basis of how many people voted for them. Well, there are exceptions, for example where they let the Florida courts decide, but leaving that aside for now, even if politicians get into power by having won a fair election where they got more votes than their opponents, they are often subject to a delusion of grandeur that people voted FOR them! This is generally not true.

Now, whilst it's true that some people have a political persuasion and will pledge their support for a potential leader, it's not how elections usually work. People don't vote FOR their favourite politician, they vote AGAINST their least-favourite politician. Or, to be even more accurate, they vote in such a way as to try to prevent someone they don't like from winning! In fact, they'll often vote for someone they don't like much in order to stop someone they really hate from getting in.

Another delusion of politicians is that there is generally some positive interest in the election and the whole business of politics. People are supposed to feel excited because they might imagine they have some power by being able to vote and have some choice about who gets in, but in fact after the initial novelty, people soon realise they have no power worth speaking of. Whatever they do, someone with basic bog-standard views will get in and will drone on in the same kind of politician-like ways, will wear a suit like they used to wear last century, and will believe in the same establishment-based religion which authority demands.

So, in general, people don't vote for politicians. In fact, in a recent UK election, about half of the people didn't vote for anyone. There is such unpopularity and a general dischuffedness that people are not even bothering to turn out to vote. In some countries they've had to compel people by law to vote. How's that for democracy?!

Of course it doesn't have to be like this. It could be done properly, but The System is set up in this way so as to keep everything the same as it has always been.

If sheep farmers allowed sheep to vote for which dog should round them up, they'd not vote FOR a dog, they'd vote against the dog that they thought was most likely to bite them. But whether sheep are so foolish as to believe it would then be a democracy, that's another matter!

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You don't have to agree with my viewpoint. Worth thinking about, though. Also see a similar idea in the "choice" of political candidates available as per Mickstup Mouse at the Perceptions Forum website!