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Common Misconceptions
and their solutions easily explained

Here are a few things:

The idea that if you're older than a certain amount you've got to BEHAVE in various ways

The concept that King Canute had a big ego and thought he could hold back the sea

The idea that really clever intellectual people have no social life and don't know how to party

The notion that if you're a man you shouldn't wear a skirt

The belief that the only manmade object visible from space is the Great Wall of China

The idea that ISO9002 Accreditation is a good sign

The assumption that the videorecorder needs to be under the television where it's difficult to reach

The idea that the metal TIN is cheap, poor quality stuff

The quirk that a person's "real name" is whatever they were given by someone else when they were too young to know

The belief that all websites are LOCATION-BASED

You're more likely to be struck dead by lightning than you are to win the Lottery? Wrong!

Goldfish have short memories

WAP sites, WAP phones, and some of the mythology about such things

The amount of electricity a fluorescent lamp uses when you switch it on

50:50 Fifty-Fifty - the misconception

The mistaken idea that most people vote for politicians

Mythic Statistic: You're never further than 20ft away from a RAT

The Myth of Democracy

Available from All Good bookshops

Cat Fleas don't bite humans?

The notion that $99.99 is significantly cheaper than $100

Also see You're either WITH us or AGAINST us

Are they watching out for us, or their masters?

The Gap Between Rich and Poor

The Speed of Light being a Speed Limit in Space

Surely hydrogen is much lighter than helium?

If you owned your own slot machine you could adjust the control in the back to make it pay out less and therefore you'd make more money

Reply to SPAM? Misconceptions

Mad people taking antipsychotic pills

Water Incompressible

Things you might not know about mobile phone masts

Get a Bank Account if you can avoid the Misconceptions about Banks

The assumption that it's OK to send files as .DOC

The commonly-held belief that we dream in black & white

Retail Therapy Expensive

The conventional medical belief that diabetic urine glucose tests are inherently inaccurate

Misconception by Cats who believe that if the weather is bad out of one door it might be better out of a different door. This is known as The Door Into Summer

Incorrect assumptions about British Telecom's call charges on Easter Monday and other public holidays

Fine Tooth Comb

Escape Velocity - what it is and what it isn't!

A few misconceptions about How to Run a Business

What happens after a radioactive element has gone for twice its half life

There's no such thing as "forward slash"


Sprinklers all go off at once

Woodlice do they Eat Wood?!

Speed Traps - let's not pretend they're anything to do with road safety!

Viking helmets do not have horns on

CD Speed

Hydrogen 4 times as light as Helium for balloons?

You can READ TEXT that's had the letters MIXED UP - or maybe not?!

Ordinary television aerial cable used for Satellite

Spiders in the Bath do not intend to be there

Flash Photography of Landscapes and Flash Astrophotography

The idea that you can win on a gambling machine by putting a big magnet near it


Krakatoa EAST of Java

North and South poles are going to switch over - Yes, but it's important to know what that really means, not what it's believed to mean

The sound of a falling bomb?

Internet myths in Crazy Like A Fox

The Customer Thinks Their 8 year Old Computer is OK?

Computer Virus Misconceptions

Cats can see in the Dark - to some extent

If you corner a rat, it goes for your throat!

You never see any Baby Pigeons

Lime Scale reduces the efficiency of electric water heaters ?

The idea that the Lottery makes more money for charity if the people running it work for nothing

Percent Proof

We think in words

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

There's No Travel Content at This Site?!

Credit Limit - the deceptive misconception explained

Religions being different from Cults

Tax Avoidance confused with Tax Evasion

Plus a whole section now added on Common Mistakes in Movies

...and various others which will be added.

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