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You don't have to ACT YOUR AGE

The first point is, why should you have to conform to some kind of stereotype that doesn't fit with how you really are inside? Also, what makes society assume teenagers have a monopoly on being outrageous or rebellious? It wasn't so bad in the mythical 1960s when there might have been some truth in the notion. But now (2001), if you meet a FOGEY, chances are it won't be an OLD FOGEY but a YOUNG FOGEY, as now there are some people who the government/authority have succeeded in brainwashing into being conformist. Bizarre as it may seem, some parents have been oddly finding their teenage offspring are cramping their style by being too normal and too stuffy, and telling them to behave. What is the world coming to when you are expected to toe the line by people who think they know better than you just because they are older younger?! Well, you don't have to do what they tell you. You can rebel and live your own life the way you want! You name it. If you want to wear clothes that younger people think are too young for you, do it! If you are considering that you might dye your hair, do it! And if you want to do a degree course in something really clever, do it! They can't stop you, you know. And the Internet? Not just for the young. Take a look at Fifth Moon and 50Connect - both of which are Internet for the over-50s. "Oh no, I couldn't do that - I'm too old!" - you hear some people say. Don't you believe it!

New famous quote: a dramatist was heard to say "Act all ages".