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Fifth Moon

Fifth Moon speaks up for the 50+ Generation. On this page on Zyra's site there are some quotes, and then at the end of the page is a LINK to the ACTUAL SITE.



There are around 17 million people over fifty years of years of age in the UK. That's a major part of society, but too often our collective voice goes unheard.

As a result, the way we see ourselves and the way the rest of society sees us are often poles apart.

People in our age group carry out 60% of all UK savings and investments and 75% of all e-commerce transactions.

At fifthmoon.com, we want to harness that power to change your life for the better.

From the platform of the Campaigns section in our on-line magazine, we will actively lobby Government and Industry on the issues which you tell us are important. The debates on age discrimination, healthcare and pension provision have only just begun and the collective voice of the over-50s has not yet been properly heard.

fifthmoon.com is here to change that.

Many of us know that society does not always recognise or value the contribution we have to make. Creating that powerful collective voice means we can make a real difference to the things that matter to each of us.

We want to make sure that all of us can make informed choices about issues both of national importance and on a personal level.

Over the months ahead, we will be providing topical information on a wide range of subjects that matter to our age group, such as healthcare, pensions and employment.

We will also introduce a range of high quality, good value products and services. We plan to give you access to the things you want - all from trustworthy, proven suppliers.

So keep coming back and keep in touch. Above all, tell us what is important for you and what you would like to see changed. Because together we can make it happen.

We are already creating an influential and authoritative voice for the UK's most powerful community - the over-50s.

Add your voice - tell us about your experiences.


I well approve of this, but unfortunately we are still waiting for the affiliate program of Fifth Moon to resume (bunged up). In the meantime, you might consider looking at 50 Connect who are similar in some ways. I hope Fifth Moon will have a new affiliate program in the fullness of time.

(Linking from here also helps to fund Zyra's site)

We hope that the affiliate program returns.

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