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Gerontology is the science of Old People, as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerontology . In the old days, old people were regarded with great respect as Wise People. Later in history, as it became fashionable to be "modern", old people became regarded with less respect and consideration, and there was a time that the old were thought of as out-of-date, worn-out, past the sell-by date, old fogeys etc. Time has moved on since then, and now the old idea of "act your age" when you're old, has gone out of fashion!

The uncomfortable political-correctness people have gone through various phases of referring to old people as "the aged", "the elderly", and even a curious quirk of using the word "older" with no qualifying explicit comparison field.

Now in this post-stuffy era, old people are considered to be "as old as they feel", and to persist in activities in life, often using their wisdom and experience in combination with fitness which they didn't know they'd still got. As time goes on, there is a strong movement towards increasing the human life-span, so people can live longer, and live better into old age.

Old People are here to stay, and thanks to medical science there are likely to be more of them, as a proportion of the population. This is good!

Companies, especially those famous enough to be on the Shopping Portal, should take note of this, especially as old people tend to be richer, having been sensible enough to save up during the many years they've lived so far!

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