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LV= Liverpool Victoria 50+ Life Insurance

If you are over 50 and need life cover, why not try LV 50+ Life Insurance. The nice thing is they guarantee to accept you.

LV 50+ Life Insurance:Liverpool Victoria 50+ Insurance

"50 Plus plan - life insurance cover for the over 50s.

Guaranteed acceptance - with no medical required. It's so easy to sort out - Get a quote and buy online!

You can make a real difference by giving your loved ones some peace of mind with our over 50s life insurance cover.

Our premiums start from £8 per month and we guarantee to accept you for life insurance as long as you are a UK resident aged 50 to 80 when your policy starts. Depending on how long you live, the total amount of premiums you pay, may be greater than the cash sum paid in the event of your death.

The plan is designed to provide life insurance cover with a guaranteed payout on death after the first 12 months. However, if you die within the first 12 months, depending on the circumstances we may only pay out the premiums you have paid, without interest.Liverpool Victoria 50plus Insurance

Please note that this protection plan has no cash in value at any time".

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Liverpool Victoria 50+ Life Insurance

http://www.lv.com affiliate program is with The New Buy.at but unfortunately LV have introduced some new rules which we haven't agreed to. For more about this see the LV Situation. It's a shame, but let's not worry too much. There are plenty of other Insurance Companies (including Life Insurance) who are doing quite well here! You're welcome to put the web address in which is www.lv.com but alas we currently have no affiliate links with LV. Of course they'll be welcomed back again if they start being sensible.