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LV = Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

LV, now Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance, used to be able to insure your castle, but these days they prefer to limit property sizes to only 7 bedrooms. Never mind, this might still be of interest. Take a look at your prospective eligibility...

Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance: LV=

"Save on your home insurance.

We have a philosophy of providing good value and competitive products to both new and existing customers and have an enviable record in customer services.

Great benefits include: 24 hour Claim Line, new-for-old cover for most contents (apart from clothing and household linen), replacements for many lost or damaged items delivered FREE to your door, optional Legal Expenses cover".

See if you qualify for LV Home Insurance. Here's the LV Eligibility criteria at a glance:Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

The property you wish to insure:

About the occupants:

Why Buy from LV= ?

"As the UK's largest friendly society we're here to help you make the best choices when it comes to your money. With a range of savings , investments and insurance products that are both good value and award-winning, we're bound to have something to interest you.Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

When we started in 1843 as Liverpool Victoria, our goal was to give financial security and peace of mind to more than just a privileged few. And today it's much the same. As a mutual, we don't have to answer to external shareholders – so we can concentrate on looking after you".

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Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance and affiliate program was with The New but now the affiliate links have disappeared from this site. It's a shame, and poor ol' LV are missing out! To find out more about what's happened in this intriguing affiliate story, see The LV Situation. You are welcome to visit LV by typing in the website address which is given away as a matter of public interest. It's but meanwhile there are plenty of other insurance companies at this site where they've still got working affiliate programs here. This is Home Insurance here!