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Liverpool Victoria

Unsecured Loans

Over 150 years of experience, means that you should get a good deal on your Unsecured Loan at Liverpool Victoria. Visit their site and see if it's for you.

Liverpool Victoria Unsecured Loans: LV=

"Founded in 1843, Liverpool Victoria is the largest UK Friendly Society (Association of Friendly Societies Yearbook 2005/2006. Total Net Assets).

As a mutual, we can use the money other firms give to their shareholders (we don't have any) to give you a better deal. We have a philosophy of providing good value and competitive products to both new and existing customers. We also have an enviable record in customer services.

A fixed rate personal loan with great benefits.

Liverpool Victoria (LV=) offer you a fixed rate personal loan with the following great benefits:

- Fixed repayments throughout the loan. If interest rates rise, you keep paying exactly the same from day one to the end of the loan.

- Before you start repaying, you can take a breather - a financial holiday and make no repayments at all for 3 months.

- A decision online in minutes and if approved, the money in your bank account within a week

- Optional Payment Protection Insurance to repay your loan if the unthinkable happens.

Try our loan calculator to see how much it could cost and apply online in just a few minutes".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Liverpool Victoria Unsecured Loans

Liverpool Victoria Unsecured Loans

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