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50 Connect - Live Life to the Full!

50 Connect

Let's explode the myth that the Internet is only for "the young people". 50connect.co.uk is a website which may be especially of interest if you are more than fifty years of age. In their own words "50connect.co.uk is the leading UK Internet Portal for Today's over 50s". For example, if you are interested in going on a CRUISE, they'll phone you back and be very helpful.

You can join the club, and get various advantages. The motto of 50 Connect is "Live Life to the Full" and they say "50 Connect is a content-led company, producing daily articles, tailored links, competition and interactive fun. We moved to the UK from Australia in 2000 and now receive over 285,000 unique monthly users".

Well, I think that sounds quite impressive, and it's worth a closer look. The web address of the place is www.50connect.co.uk and the previous affiliate program was with Tradedoubler. I don't know if the link will be resumed, but I hope so! We will be happy to help to promote the place!

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