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P & O - Special note: See Dover to Calais Ferry!
PLUS: Portsmouth to Bilbao, Portsmouth to Cherbourg, Portsmouth to Le Havre, Portsmouth to Caen, Hull to Rotterdam and Hull to Zeebrugge.

DFDS Seaways
DFDS has provided passenger services for more than 130 years, with a fleet considered to be one of the largest in northern Europe.

Sea France
The French approach to cruising!

easy Cruise
Cruising from Stelios!
How much do you want to pay for your cruise?

The Cruise Specialists
They specialise in Cruises!

Irish Ferries
Ferries that aren't just for the Irish!

Disability-friendly, accessible, with dialysis available onboard.

Thomson Cruise

Cruise Thomas Cook

Major Cruise

Trip Cruises USA

Book Me 2

Cruise Deals

Low Cost Cruising

Ferry Savers

easy Cruise US

Ferry Cheap

Carnival Cruises
the Fun Ships

The Orient Express - ships, as well as trains

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Cruises Only
Probably the best selection of cruises on the web!

Ocean Village Holidays
Cruises for people who don't do cruises!

Condor Ferries
The coolest ferries on the water!

Island Cruises

Speed Ferries

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone
Cathy writes "This is the official website for the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Navigator of the Seas, and very nicely done it is too! The destination pictures are stunning, and the site has virtual tours, ship info, latest news, downloads etc."
- was

Brittany Ferries


20th Century Ocean Liners - was

Celebrity Cruises

Also, (and especially if you're over 50), see 50 Connect, who can arrange cruises

What's the difference between an Ocean Liner and a Cruise Ship? With a Liner, the clue is in the name, as the ship is built to travel from start location to destination in a straight line across the surface of the sea (a great circle route). Liners are a method of transport and can cut through rough seas and get to the destination on time. If falling behind time because of bad weather, a liner can put on some extra steam and catch up, always making the destinations. In contrast a Cruise Ship is a floating hotel which cruises about, usually in calm waters such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean rather than the transatlantic route. If falling behind schedule, the ship will typically miss out on a few ports of call. This would be no good if people wanted to go to those places, but with a Cruise Ship, destinations aren't important; it's the cruising that's important.

Ocean Liners are likely to make a big comeback, because they have a big advantage over their rivals, airlines. Although air travel is faster once you're up in the air, the big downside to air travel and what really spoils it is the antiterrorist nonsense. Most of it's political. But ships don't have anything like the amount of security nonsense. They are much more keen on safety and luxury, and they are not in a rush.

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