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Nautical References

Useful sites and pages related to shipping, ships, boats, cruising, cruise liners, ports and harbours etc.

Cruise Lines



North Sea

Norcross Marine Products Inc


Nautical Notions - was http://users.eastlink.ca/~grahamfamily/

Nautical charts from Maps.com

Maritime Matters

Suez Canal

Panama Canal
Plus other helpful information about Panama

UK Coastguard

Inflatable Boats - for delivery anywhere in the world!

PORTS listed at Jim Dan Hill Library - was http://www.uwsuper.edu/library/guides/transportation/port.html

Lifeboat RNLI

Adit.co.uk - free download Nautical software!

Live Ship Tracking

Geoff Holt - sailing for the disabled

Laytime Management System - Shipping Software - LMS is a laytime management system. In addition to providing the basic despatch and demurrage calculations common to all laytime software, LMS also provides access to the statement of fact data for use in other reports and applications. - was http://www.laytime.com.au

Renacraft - shipping container testing and certification

Clipperlight - nautical Antiques, gifts and Reproductions

MarineLearning.co.uk - gone

Online Nautical Charts

Nautical Decor? See Beach Nautical Decor

Aditel Marine Electronics
Manufacturer of ship's Voyage Data Recorders and interfaces

HMS Belfast
Floating museum moored in London

Voyage Data recorders
- VDR, s-VDR, and interfaces, gyro transmissions etc  for ships.

Save the Albatross

Underwater / Submarine resources
- various sub aquatic references

A Night in the Wash and www.nikallday.com/personal.htm (see last paragraph with picture of the ship).

Wreckers lure ships to their doom with FALSE LIGHTS

Sydney Harbour Cruises :: Christmas Parties & Group Functions - See the whales on their way as they pass Sydney Harbour with Australian Spirit Sailing. Offering you the best in warm, friendly and professional service.

Mooring Buoys that don't damage the seabed

Sailing Whitsundays - Boat & Yacht Cruises, Catamaran, Schooner and more, Great Barrier Reef - Sailingwhitsundays.com is full of information and deals for your holiday in the Whitsundays. Sailing cruises are offered on charter yacht, boat, catamaran, schooner and many other types of vessel. Cruise the Great Barrier Reef in style.

You Can Move a Ship - manually, even hundreds of tons

King Neptune - still believed-in to a remarkable extent

Message in a Bottle - old-style communication on the high seas

RATS leaving a sinking ship - Do rats really abandon a ship which is about to sink?

Atlantis -legend

Various things at the bottom of the sea including shipwrecks, treasure, jetsam, and coral