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The Internet address of the UK Coastguard, was not surprisingly www.coastguard.org.uk , and that's what this site linked to. Several pages linked to this, and you'd suppose that it would be one of the most reliable and dependable institutes ever, and therefore the address could also be relied upon.

We like being .org.uk , so it's good to see the noble state of .org.uk being supported.

However, www.coastguard.org.uk seems to have gone offline (2002/12), and later (2007/12) seems to be cybersquatted?! Shame!

So, where's the Coastguard now? Could try www.mcga.gov.uk and www.mcga.gov.uk/seasmart (Ooh good! The feature has returned!)

Also see RNLI - the Lifeboat - saving people!

If you see anyone in peril on the sea, phone 999 (uk).

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