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Underwater - Sub Aqua

Submarine and underwater resources

Simply Scuba

Scuba Store

Aqua Superstore

Scuba Store US

Deep Blue Dive

Testing of watches down to a depth

Dockery's Dive Flag warns boaters that there's a diver down here!Fish

Boston Sub Aqua Club


Tanya Streeter
The famous Olympic freediver with "You can do it!" spirit!
(Interviewers have stopped asking Tanya to hold her breath for six minutes on shows, because although she can do this, they can't fill in the time with chit-chat for that long!)

Atlantis Adventures - tourist exploration of coral reefs by submarine


British Society of Underwater Photographers


Wetsuit Centre

Wetsuit Wearhouse


H2O Audio

Hunting iguanas underwater

System for preventing Shallow Water Blackout

Underwater? Also see Underground

The speed of sound is four times as fast in water as it is in air. There are other reasons why there's seldom mention of supersonic submarines.

More items of a sub-aquatic nature will be added soon!

More URLs and contacts round the world required!