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H2O Audio

H2O Audio
Underwater personal Hi-Fi

Don't let a bit of water stop you enjoying your music. Visit the H2O Audio website and find out how you can make your electricals waterproof.

H2O Audio:

"H2O Audio is a watersports music company and a leader in waterproof headphones and waterproof MP3 cases including an entire line dedicated to the Apple iPod family.

H2O Audio offers a flat international shipping rate that keeps our brand competitive on a global scale uniting swimmers, surfers, wakeboarders, and kiteboarders all over the world with their music.

As a category leader H2O Audio is positioned as the only waterproof MP3 solution available that can withstand the continual pummelling of the action sports world.

Brand ambassadors for H2O Audio include world class athletes such as surfing legend Laird Hamilton and world record swimmer Natalie Coughlin.

Athlete endorsements include signature products and frequent press releases including H2O Audio products".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

H2O Audio

http://h2oaudio.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction

Shucks! It seems as if the H2O Audio company don't want us on their affiliate program! Quite why, that's another matter. Here at this site, they're included in the Underwater category, and in the Audio category, and they've even got a link from the story about Iguanas Underwater, so what's wrong with them? Can't they see that this page is likely to attract a lot of people who like to listen to music when in water?

Iguana / Lizard - they're lucky it wasn't CATS!It's a shame to have to bung up this page, but as H2O Audio are declining us, it looks like that's what's got to be done. If they ever start to see sense, they'll be welcomed back.

Meanwhile, calling all Underwater Hi-Fi companies! Get an affiliate program! Let's get this page put into use promoting your subaquatic sound systems on an affiliate program instead! Remember: It doesn't matter where in the world you are, nor where the affiliate is. It just matters that we can find customers for you where you can get the goods to them. There's no regional prejudice here!

Zyra has now emigrated from the UK to Panama.

Well at least there's some good news at H2O Audio UK! They seem to be OK with the affiliate. Let's hope H2O Audio USA will join in being good for business.