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An ossuary is a place where bones are kept. It's long-term storage for the skeletal remains of the dead. The advantage this has over a cemetery where the remains are stored underground, is that the bones are accessible, so you know they are still there. Archaeologists sometimes like to examine the bones for various reasons, but generally the remains stay in peace. The environment of an ossuary is maintained with reasonable curatorship.

On this site, the Ossuary page is a list of Categories which have pages each of which has an "Ossuary" in which the old affiliate pages are stored. This became necessary when the economic crisis meant that a large number of dead pages occurred in links on categories. Here's the list of categories which have an ossuary so far...

Credit Cards

Insurance Companies


Fashion - This now has a separate Fashion Ossuary page.

Gambling - This now has a separate Gambling Ossuary page.

Home Insurance

Stationers / Office Equipment

Kitchen items - cookware - culinary hardware

Loans and Mortgages - This now has a separate Loans Ossuary page.



Beauty and Skincare


Life Insurance


Bridal - Both the Wedding and Bridal categories have ossuaries.


Car Insurance

Home Improvement and DIY

Shoes - This is another category that has its own separate Ossuary page, the Shoes Ossuary

Places that sell computers

Dating Agencies

Pet Insurance

Electrical Shops - This now also has a separate Electrical Shops Ossuary page.


Travel Insurance

Cruise Companies

Slots - virtual online gambling machines


Pet Shops - This has a separate Pet Shops Ossuary page.

Pet Stores

Video Shops

Leather Goods

Gothic - well you'd expect that to have an Ossuary!

Motorbike Insurance

Toys and Toy Stores

Van Insurance

Shopping Catalogues


Property Agents

Plus Size Fashion now has its own Plus Size Fashion Ossuary

Estate Agents UK


T-shirts - surely they don't wear out, do they?



If you have an affiliate program and you're on one of these pages, it's best that you make sure your affiliate program is still live and that you're not accidentally in the "ossuary" part of the page. Also see the Bunged Up page, where we're trying to restore some lost affiliate pages. It's possible to get a new affiliate program via various of these affiliate marketing companies and get back on this site.

Because of the way this program works, this page also connects to the What's New List , section B , section O , section 011 , section 077, Rhyming Order List , full list and the Z to A List

According to some historical experts, ossuaries were especially popular in Jerusalem between 30 BCE and 70 CE. (If you're looking for "the bones of Jesus", a search for "Talpiot Tomb" may reveal more results). Good archaeology (science) requires keeping/photographing the bones, not reburying them all mixed-up.