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T Shirts

Although it would be nice to be able to design your own clothes and to have outfits that are truly original, this takes quite a lot of doing. A lesser form of this, but more accessible and generally available is: Design your own T-shirt! Now because of modern technology catching up to the level where any digital image can be printed onto the cloth of a t-shirt, this raises some interesting possibilities, doesn't it? So, here are some helpful contacts who have deigned to be included in this idea:

Marvel Shop


Chargrilled T-Shirts

Truffle Shuffle


Rhinestone Wear



Old Guys Rule


My Party Shirt

8 Ball - Yes, they are Live!

Cafe Press

Rosie Nieper

1 Stop T-Shirt Shop

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Strange Cargo

Belts Buckles Tees

Wild Fox Couture

Shop The Shows

Worn By

Deez Teez

Michael Stars

Fly53 - fashion for the resistance

I Love Waterloo

Onno Textiles

T-Shirt Bordello USA

Live Nation Merchandise

Stylin Online

Bathroom Wall


Big Dogs - "The Ultimate Tee Shop!"

Spray Graphic Apparel

Snorg Tees

Tienda Futbol Mundial
camisetas de futbol oficiales


Shot Dead in the Head - a variety of controversial t-shirts

Loud Clothing



Pampling - es la mayor comunidad de camisetas de España

Primitive State

Whales and Friends

We Admire

Toxic Drums T-shirts - and Mugs as well!

Bridge 55

GearHead Cafe - their main business is stuff for American cars, but they also sell t-shirts

Additions Direct

One way to get a t-shirt that's like wearing a medal, is to jump off over the harbour on a bungee at Whitby with the RNLI Dracula Drop at the Whitby Gothic Weekend.

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

AAA Printing

Orange Shag

Shirt City

Red Robot

Chimps Tee Party

Shirt City USA


The Onion Store

C Mega Mall

Mad Gringo


Pixum - have your photos made into t-shirts, and other things

Nappy Head - baby t-shirts with alternative messages

Bridal Party Tees

DrawMe - caricatures on t-shirts

Vintage Vantage

More T Vicar - the ecclesiastical reference is ironical rather than literal

Rock Star Clothing - band merchandise

Everything But The Music - music-related t-shirts and other stuff

Customized Girl

London Souvenir Shop

Dead Shop - even though their affiliate program is dead!

Shop Knuckleheads - whose speciality is The Three Stooges


The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Oh No Not Shirts .co.uk - oh shucks! That's a shame! The site www.ohnotshirts.co.uk seems to have been lost.

So, anyway, if you would like a custom made t-shirt printing to your own design requirements, there are some of the places you might like to try. Some of them are more custom than others, but they are all given a mention for various reasons. So, stick this page in "favourites" and shop around at the contacts on this page. There will be more added soon.

Some companies have managed to get some advertising by getting people to advertise them on t-shirts but it's questionable how much they have to pay the people to wear them.