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I Love Waterloo

Check out the I Love Waterloo website for some great t-shirt designs. They have some really cool screen printed tees, that will get you noticed.

I Love Waterloo:

"Retro, Rock, Movie T-Shirts, Bags, Hoodies and much more!

We are a group of friends who grew up designing our own t-shirts. We went to countless concerts and parties, and in many occasions people asked us: 'Where did you get that tee?', to which we proudly answered: 'I’ve made it myself.'

One afternoon, talking about our dreams, one of us thought of taking this 'hobby' to a bigger scale. We decided to embark us on the adventure of producing quality t-shirts with silk-screen printed stamps, without any clue of how to do it.

We first started selling the t-shirts in clothes fairs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We named this passionate project Waterloo, to pay tribute to the song 'Waterloo Sunset', by The Kinks.

Hence ilovewaterloo.com was born".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

I Love Waterloo

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