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dead shop

Superb! Clothing featuring dead people or rather famous celebrities who have passed away...Is it possible to buy this sort of style anywhere else?dead shop

"dead was created in 2004 by morris, whose past creations have included several top 40 bands, many controversial t shirt designs - as worn by Iggy Pop, Freddy Mercury and - Morrissey and a great deal of mischief!

dead shopCustomers and visitors to our London dead shop include Avril Lavigne, Murder Dolls, Alice Cooper, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gary Numan and Busted.

We have created a life size exhibition of many of the dead stars who appear in our dead t shirt designs -the death of John Lennon, a life-size re-creation of the Kennedy assassination, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, the last moments of Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious, Monroe, Mishima and many more.

The exhibition will open when we have found a large enough venue and the money.

The word dead is the registered trade mark of dead.

If you have been tempted...

This Is Where The Link Was!

Oh well. The affiliate link has gone. It wasn't there long. We've left messages on their answer machine and not got any calls back yet. I don't suppose the affiliate program will REST IN PEACE but will be likely to come back. Hopefully so. In the meantime you are welcome to type in the url below, and/or look at these other fashion resources. Also alternative market, music, t-shirts, and posters

Alternatively try shot dead in the head as their t-shirts are dead good as well!!

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