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This multipurpose page is being elaborated on all the time!

Music makers - now a separate category

Musical Instruments, equipment, see Gear 4 Music , Musician's Hut , Music Stands Alone , Karacha Music , Music Yo! , Guitar Trader.com , and more in this MUSICAL EQUIPMENT / INSTRUMENTS category

For Music Merchandise the place to go is Music Today

There are also to be GENRES and ETHOS links on here, for example PUNK, GOTHIC, HIPPY, etc, and then we're into the conceptual associative business about lifestyles, appearances, and philosophy.

Plus, Classical Music links now have a separate page

Crotchet - They need no introduction *

eMusic - They are cheaper than iTunes! *

Mixonic - Make your own CDs! *

Sounds Live - Make your own sounds! *

Andertons Music - Guildford's music shop! *

Different eras in music, from 1920s to 1960s; Music and Memories: GoodMusic.co.uk *

The Music Room - an online listing of organ, choral and classical concerts and recitals in North East and Yorkshire. (this is different from MusicRoom.com *)

Performing Right Society - was www.prs.co.uk / Mechanical Copyright Protection Society - was www.mcps.co.uk

This looks interesting. Tell me what you think... ContactMusic.com *

TOTP2 - could be improved by getting rid of the cynical conformist commentary

And what about THIS?! - PeopleSound.com *

And then there's THIS: Harmony Central , Intermusic , Music Player (was http://www.musicplayer.com) , Music Files

On-screen Desktop Dancers dancing to the music on your computer - MP3 Dancer

Unlimited MP3 downloads at WIPPIT *

Name that tune? The one that goes "mmm mm mmm mm... etc"? See Name This Tune - was http://name-this-tune.com/

Song Galaxy * - backing tracks

iMusician * - musical instruments

Musician's Friend * - electric guitars and more!

The Music Stand * - musical instruments and much more

Chappell of Bond Street * - a member of the Yamaha Group

Stage Beat * - musical instruments to suit all budgets

Blue Banana * - Alternative and Indie Clothing

Woodbrass UK * - blow your own trombone!

Woodwind and Brasswind * - the name should give you a clue!

Mastermix Digital * - tracks for DJs!

Hi Fi Tower UK * - Equipment for DJs!

Seriously Sonic * - iPod and MP3 accessories

Music Street * - Everything the UK guitarist needs.

3Gees.co.uk - UK Urban music promotions organisation for the independent artist - apparently gone

Hi Fi Bits *

Pure Energy *

Clarinet and Piano Lessons:

Tuition by professional, on a one-to-one basis, 10 miles North of Grantham in Lincolnshire, UK.

Phone 01400 282194

Rhino UK *

Mix Pixie *

Music 123 *

Peavey *

Korg USA *

zZounds *

Rock.com *

Absolute Music *

Music Factory Direct *

7 Digital *

Instrument Pro *

Unique Squared *

Arkiv Music *

Live Nation Merchandise *

Live 365 *

Daisy Rock Guitars *

Eurovisionshop.tv *

Seismic Audio Speakers *

Grind Store *

Hot Topic *

Kids Stuff and Things *

Aperion Audio *

Sound Control * - I bought a synth from there myself some time ago.

Advanced MP3 Players * - now with a dedicated page!

shot dead in the head *

Record shops: See this list on another page

Pop Posters? See AllPosters

Night Clubs: See list of Nighteries

Karaoke Island * - "We offer downloadable mp3 karaoke songs with a Freeware PC karaoke player, Midi-files with lyrics and karaoke software. Choose from 1000s of songs. New ones added constantly"

Karaoke Doctor - was http://www.karaokedoctor.com

You can buy and sell tickets for concerts at OpenSeats *

Digitised sheet music and midi files:

MusicRoom.com *

Sheet Music Plus *

Songrila *

Tune Core *

Net4Music *


Luke's Midi Resource - was http://www.theinnet.net/~scarecrow/midi.htm

Even more links:

BBC Radio 1 / One Music

Worldpop.com * (awin)

iRock! Digital Audio *

Bravado Live *

National Centre for Popular Music - was www.ncpm.co.uk

UK Music.com
... a community based independent website setup to support the uk music industry.
Upfront and Ruthlessly Independent ! The UK Music scene by the people,
for the people. Updated daily with the UK Music Top ten and UK Music charts.
We have music news, features, interviews, and reviews from all your
favourite UK artists. For rock, indie, grime, pop, hip hop, rnb, dance,
drum and bass, soul, jazz, uk charts, video, audio streams, forums,
events, games, gigs, and competitions.

Lyrics.duble.com - was http://lyrics.duble.com/lyrics.htm

Songs Lyrics

If you've made some music, HOW TO COPYRIGHT IT

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Miscellaneous links for making your own music:

Linux - programming


www.4front-tech.com - Linux-compatible soundcards

Sibelius software - composing

Brahms - similar, but this works in Linux!

Violin and Piano Lessons * - was http://www.instrumentmaster.com/?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Fender Talk - was http://www.fender-talk.com

Rocket Piano Lessons * - was http://www.rocketpiano.com/ - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Analogue Samples .com - digital samples of analogue synthesisers - was http://www.analoguesamples.com but now (2006/08) appears to have become something quite different!

The SOUND DIRECTORY (Gone! Was http://www.deltaz-palaze.de/SoundDirectory/Top/Arts/Music/Samples_and_Loops/) - LOADS of digital samples, and contacts!

PSSL - music equipment for professionals

www.Gfilter.co.uk Gone! (please let me know of these come back!) - Guitarists resources

www.pianoplace.com - loads of piano-playing stuff

www.guitarsite.com - Various guitaring links and usefuls

www.noiseon.com - Guitar Effects!

www.italiastraps.com - Top quality guitar straps!

www.americanguitars.co.uk - Electric Guitar Straps reviews, information and Electric Guitar Straps price comparison.

Leathersmith Designs Inc - Custom leather guitar straps are crafted with your personalized name. Leathersmith Designs Inc. makes all the leather guitar straps.

OLGA - OnLine Guitar Archive.net - was www.olga.net

Anvil Studio - midi guitar

Free Sheet Music Downloads - was http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Realm/5747/thelinks.html - another Geocities problem.

Vote Your Song - Vote for your favourite song of all time!!

Sequence.at (gone) of Vienna

It's Your Talent, but be careful what you sign

Guitar Tablature at TabWorld (www.tabworld.net)

Looperman : Free Samples & loops

http://top50.samplecity.net/ - Top50 copyright-free sample sites

Guitar and Bass Online - was www.guitarandbass.com.au

SynthZone plus SynthZone/sampling

Samplenet.co.uk (gone) - actual free soundsamples

Alsa Project - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Shareware Music Machine www.hitsquad.com

The Muse's Muse - songwriting

MySpace.com - online music community

Factory 42 - was http://www.cpaterson.clara.net/

Lick Library * - the award-winning guitar tutorial site (awin)

UK Hip-Hop

echomethod - was http://www.echomethod.com

http://sound.condorow.net/ - Sound & Midi Software for Linux



MusE - was www.muse.seh.de


The Craft of Songwriting - was http://www.craftofsongwriting.com

Pure 80s Pop.co.uk


www.lyricist.com & /wisdom - was http://www.lyricist.com/songwisdom.html

www.jazzware.com (gone)

Ernie Ball - Guitar Strings with no Microsoft-strings attached!

GuitarTips.com.au / GuitarTipsOnline.com (gone)

Play Music on Vuvuzelas - plus other alternative uses of these accursed horns

Classical Music Archive

Also see on this site a musical method for selecting lottery numbers

Or for something in a category of its own: Music Box Store * ...and San Francisco Music Box *

More of these required, to help here!

* = affiliate program