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Advanced MP3 Players
Vorbis players, MP3 players, FLAC players, all in one, some including DAB digital radio

Possibly the best selection of MP3 players on the net - Advanced MP3 Players. There's a fantastic price range, with all the latest models, have a look at their website.

Advanced MP3 Players:

Advanced MP3 Players, located near Edinburgh, commenced trading in 2001 with the ethos of unparalleled customer service, an unrivalled product range and an unbelievably detailed website.

The first edition of our website introduced the UK market to the, at the time revolutionary, NEX II MP3 player by Frontier Labs. From strong foundations our product range has rapidly expanded, being the first company to introduce new manufacturers and revolutionary products on countless occasions.

We have grown to offer the consumer one of the largest ranges of MP3 players, headphones and accessories in the United Kingdom.

We check on a daily basis with other retailers to ensure that our prices are as competitive as possible. If you do find a cheaper price elsewhere in the UK, simply fill in a Price Beat form via our website or at the bottom of each product page; we'll always do our very best to win your custom.

When comparing our prices, it's important to remember that all orders to UK destinations over £150.00 automatically qualify for free next working day courier delivery. Remember also to factor in our free, expert customer service and technical support to help you with any problems, software conflicts or even just to provide you with guidance and advice to ensure you get the most out of your MP3 player".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Advanced MP3 Players

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Now here's an interesting thing; a message from before Christmas 2007 showing a snapshot of the ever advancing MP3 player market. This was interesting at the time to see how much the mp3 player technology had advanced since portable cassette players of the 1980s, but also interesting to see how the future unfolded and how quickly the technology advanced in relation to the snapshot.

Historical message now follows:

----- Original Message -----
Advanced MP3 Players
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 9:05 AM
Subject: Advanced MP3 Players October Newsletter

Welcome to the Advanced MP3 Players Newsletter - this month, we're looking at the Battle of the big boys - pre-Christmas skirmish!

The big players in MP3, Apple, Sony, iRiver, Samsung and Archos have new ranges coming out now, to tempt the
Christmas buyer - let's look at them in detail:


A complete new range of iPods, from new colour options in the Shuffle, to the 'iPhone without the phone' iPod Touch!

Shuffle - Same price and spec, so £49.99 and 1GB memory. A tiny fashion player for fitness and active use in a new range of five colours.

Nano - 4GB £99.00 and 8GB £129 - the Nano remastered with a new shape, new 'Cover Flow' menu design and the added attraction of video playback

Classic - 80GB £159 and 160GB £239 - the Classic is just that - the hard drive based iPod we know so well. Now with a brushed steel face in black or silver, with truly massive capacity and impressive battery lives (up to 40 hours) The Classics also share the new Nano's 'Cover Flow' menu design

Touch - 8GB £199 and 16GB £269 - The star of the new line-up is the new Touch. A stylish touch-screen interface which is clear and easy to use, combined with wi-fi internet access and the ability to download iTunes (audio and video) on the move. Movie player, web surfer, music player and fashion-gadget of the moment!


Major news for Sony is the dropping of SonicStage (their oft-criticised proprietary sync software) in favour of full Windows Media Player compatibility. Three main new products out now:

NWZ-A810 series - 2GB £89.99, 4GB £99.99 and 8GB £129.99 - the range topper of the new Sony players is a re-mastering of the A800 series, launched to great acclaim earlier this year. Video and photo playback on top of Sony's sound and build quality

NWZ-S515 series - 2GB £69.99 - funky entry-level full size player from Sony, offering their great sound quality with great looks and a range of colours. Also fully WMP compatible.

NWD-B100 series - 1GB £34.99, 1GB FM £44.99, 2GB £44.99 & 2GB FM £54.99 - Entry level drag & drop USB key style player, available with and without FM radio. Colour screen, voice recorder and FM recorder on FM versions.


Big news from iRiver comes in the form of a new type of DAB receiver with built-in MP3 and MP4 functionality. Utilising new features becoming available with Digital Radio, this player looks to be a revolutionary product for the market:

iRiver B20 -The B20 represents a new departure for iRiver. It's primarily designed as a dab radio, with advanced features like picture display and advanced information. The player also operates as a fully featured mp3 & mp4 player with simple click screen operation. This player will be exclusive to amp3 on launch and is sure to cause a stir!


YP-S5 - 2GB £99, 4GB £129, 8GB £149 - Samsung caused a fashion stir when they launched the K5 mp3 player with high quality flip-out stereo speaker late last year. This is the update to that player, now slimmed down, with added bluetooth connectivity & video playback.

YP-P2 - 2GB £109.99, 4GB £139.99, 8GB £159.99 - This is the big Christmas product from Samsung! Totally touch screen, this player goes head-to-head with the ipod touch. Highlights include video, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a small, attractive case design. Definitely one to look out for.


Archos came to the party early this year with a fantastic revision of their range - although a complete re-working would be more accurate.

405 - 2GB £115.99 - A completely fresh departure for the Hard Driver player specialists, Archos, with a flash based player. This is a re-vamp of the 404 style player, with a 3.5" screen. The real genius of this player is the SD card slot that's been included - fully compatible with SDHC cards, giving huge additional capacity. With SD prices dropping all the time, this is a shrewd move from Archos

605 - 4GB £149, 30GB £194, 160GB £299 - The first of the new Generation 5 range to be launched and it wowed the media straight out the box! Wifi, 4.3" touch screen, very high resolution, download portal built into the player - it stands up well to comparison with the iPod Touch. A 4GB flash entry-level version will also be available soon, giving the same advantages as the 405, with SD expansion.

Player Price
Shuffle £49
Nano £99, £129
Classic £159, £239
Touch £199, £269

Sony NWZ-A810 £89.99, £99.99, £129.99
NWZ-S515 £69.99
NWD-B100 £34.99, £44.99, £54.99


YP-S5 £99, £129, £149
YP-P2 £109.99, £139.99, £159.99

405 £115.99
605 £149, £194, £299

Thank you for your continued support of the Advanced MP3 Player programme and please address any ideas, thoughts and feedback to Bruce

Best regards

The Advanced MP3 Players Affiliate Team

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Please note that this message is a snapshot in MP3 player history from before Christmas 2007, and may not be current by the time you see it! Meanwhile, you can visit Advanced MP3 Players here

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Another good point: What about Advanced Ogg Vorbis Players? Oh yes! These are available. In fact, most mp3 players are players of mp3, Vorbis, and other Open formats. (see Why OPEN Matters). I have it on good authority at Advanced MP3 Players that they have Vorbis players which will play mp3 and Vorbis equally well, except of course Vorbis is better quality. In 2007, the two most notable Vorbis/MP3 players are the iRiver Clix2 and the iAudio D2. Both versions, with and without the DAB digital radio, can play mp3, Vorbis, and FLAC, which is a lossless format. Vorbis takes up less room than mp3. FLAC takes up more room, but is lossless, actual CD quality. visit Advanced MP3/Vorbis/FLAC Players here! - probably still called Advanced MP3 Players, the historical name continuing, like 2000AD and the Carphone Warehouse!