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Advanced Headphones

Don't settle for inferior sound through your headphones. Go to the Advanced Headphones website and get yourself some branded headphones, you'll hear the difference it makes.

Advanced Headphones:

"With our ethos of 'treating our customers as we’d like to be treated', our goal now is to provide the absolute best in headphones from around the world at the best possible prices.

You’ll see the big name brands jostling for your hard earned cash right next to emerging specialists such as SoundMagic, Meelectronics, Hifiman and Thinksound.

You probably won’t have heard of these hand-picked gems before, many of which have been recommended by our customers via our ‘Suggest a Product’ system. However, it’s these unique products that make us just a little different from the rest".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Advanced Headphones

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