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Korg USA

Korg USA

They are Korg and resistance is futile! Once you see their electronic musical instruments you won't be able to resist buying them.

Korg USA:

"Korg began with an idea: use the latest technologies to create the finest electronic musical instruments, and allow musicians to sound their very best.

Since 1963, that has remained our passion. Along the way, Korg has earned a reputation of technological leadership, ease-of-use, and stunning sound. We’re Korg. We set out to create an organ and came up with Japan’s first synthesizer.

Innovation is in our DNA. And yet we remain very human. We are a company of musicians and music enthusiasts that see ourselves as your musical partner. Like you, we love great sounds, we love a good interface, and we love music.

We’re Korg. Welcome".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Korg USA

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