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International list

Eclipse Boston - now Infinity Disco

Ocean Club Maryland

Nells New York

WayOut London

DNA Lounge San Francisco

Sweat Club Birmingham - was www.sweatclub.co.uk

Max Moose Brisbane

Be Our Guests London

Progress Derby - was http://www.progressclubbing.com

Stringfellows London

Bromley Caldari Moscow

Divas San Francisco

NanaDisco Bangkok - was http://www.nanadisco.com/

Jongleurs - a set of comedy clubs with a wide range of tastes.


Springfield Virginia - was http://www.jaxxroxx.com/

Cream Liverpool

Lips (was http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/4718/lips.htm) San Diego


Sleaford, UK (was www.asylum-club.co.uk)

Ministry of Sound (awin) London

Also see NIGHT Magazine - was www.mondiale.co.uk/night

Construction in progress here. The new categorisation will have the night clubs listed by LOCATION which will perhaps be more useful.