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Aperion Audio

Aperion Audio

Some of the best speakers you'll ever buy, maybe. Take a look at Aperion Audio and see just how cheap great quality speakers can be.

Aperion Audio:

"Aperion Audio is comprised of a crack-team of sonic agents committed to bringing you speakers that are the highest quality at the lowest price. We're an eclectic gang, and we're very pleased to meet you.

Aperion Audio is headquartered in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our welcome mat is always out. So please drop by anytime. You can settle back and take in the lush sound of our speaker showroom, meet the team, get advice or just talk shop with our home theater gurus.

Our speakers are made in Asia. Everything else - design and engineering, sales, service, marketing, management - is done here in Portland and at our design facility in Eugene, Oregon. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9000 certified, which is compliant with WTO and UN trade practices. The speakers are made by hand, and fully inspected before they go in the box. Then they are shipped overseas to our distribution facility before they reach their final destination: your home entertainment center. Where they belong.

Aperion Audio provides a transferable ten (10) year limited warranty on our speakers; a transferable three (3) year limited warranty on our subwoofer amplifiers; and a non-transferable lifetime limited warranty on our cables."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Aperion Audio

http://www.aperionaudio.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction

Oddly, the affiliate program has been lost and so this page has had to be bunged up. There's a mystery about this, because of the following message...

Dear Zyra,

We regret to inform you that the Commission Junction advertiser Aperion Audio has chosen to expire its affiliation with you effective 29-Sep-2009.

If you would like to locate another advertiser in the network to partner with, login to your Account Manager (http://www.cj.com/login.jsp) and visit the Get Links tab.

Best Regards,

Client Services
Commission Junction

And the reply...

From Zyra Electric
To Aperion Audio
Subject Please reconsider re: Affiliation Terminated
Date 27-Sep-2009

I ask you please to reconsider, as we have gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated page about you at
www.zyra.net/aperionaudio.htm , and that page is quite well linked from various places within the site. This is a site with some interesting ideas about audio, so it would be good to continue to promote Aperion Audio here!

Kind Regards,



What's strange about this is that there is no reason why we would have been ousted from the affiliate program. Also, Aperion Audio have not (yet) replied. A similar situation has occurred at Goldspeed

The current theory is that they have left Commission Junction, and rather than telling everyone "Sorry, we've closed the affiliate program", they've kicked every affiliate off the program and then left. It's probably a quirk of the system at Commission Junction.