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Internet discount jeweller

Goldspeed claim to be the Internet's largest discount jeweller, well it certainly impressed me. They have got an outstanding collection of jewelry for men and women for every budget and taste, from classy, understated stud earrings to the boldest, 'look at me- I've made it' jewel encrusted precious metal ring. All displayed in beautifully clear pictures.

They have rings for all occasions, wedding bands, engagement ring, eternity and even toe rings. In any style you can imagine from the vintage look to modern personalised rings, even haute couture.

If you can't think what to get your partner, friend, colleague or family member, they have ideas for gifts, e.g. a graduation pen, retirement watch, or how about a 14 Karat gold retractable toothpick!

When you go to the casino, why not flaunt it with a made to order gambling ring in gold with a working roulette wheel using a diamond ball!

What about a necklace in gold, silver, platinum or other rare metals and alloys (there is information about the quality of the metals and how they are blended to create e.g. white gold, even explanations of unusual methods such as Mokume-Gane and Shakudo.)

If diamonds, or other precious stones, are your best friend, then get to know them better, learn about carat, cut, colour, inclusions etc.

The discounted prices are typically half the retail price. With a 30 day money back guarantee. They can even giftwrap your purchase prior to delivery.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.goldspeed.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction

Gone, but we hope the affiliate program comes back at some time. We'll welcome them back! In the meantime this page is bunged up

Yet another odd case of the affiliate program having been lost. So, this page has had to be bunged up. There's a mystery about this, because of the following message...

From Zyra Electric
To Goldspeed.com
Subject Please reconsider re: Affiliation Terminated
Date 27-Sep-2009

Please reconsider this, as we have gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated page at
http://www.zyra.net/goldsp.htm which is more than most affiliates will do (with their silly PPC etc). It's especially important now, as there is a pair of pages about Jewelry and Jewellery at www.zyra.net/jewelry.htm and www.zyra.co.uk/jewellery.htm

Kind Regards,



And the reply...

Dear Zyra,

We regret to inform you that the Commission Junction advertiser Goldspeed.com has chosen to expire its affiliation with you effective 30-Sep-2009.

If you would like to locate another advertiser in the network to partner with, login to your Account Manager (http://www.cj.com/login.jsp) and visit the Get Links tab.

Best Regards,

Client Services
Commission Junction

As explained at the page about Aperion, it's odd.

What's strange about this is that there is no reason why we would have been ousted from the affiliate program. Also, Goldspeed have not (yet) replied.

The current theory is that they have left Commission Junction, and rather than telling everyone "Sorry, we've closed the affiliate program", they've kicked every affiliate off the program and then left. It's probably a quirk of the system at Commission Junction.