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Just in case you want to know what the word Eclectic means, here's an explanation.

Oddly, it's a much-misunderstood word. The word "Eclectic" is often read as "Electric", which is much more to do with voltage and current than to do with diversity. However, the word Eclectic has a specific meaning. I'll explain with some examples:

Supposing someone's music collection is described as "eclectic", as in "it was an eclectic collection". Supposing it contains some classic symphonies, some heavy rock tracks, and a bit of country-and-western, then it is diverse, across a range of classifications, and that is "eclectic".

Supposing someone likes to eat caviar, but also corned beef sandwiches, and also they happen to like rice pudding, then they have an eclectic taste in food. To have an eclectic taste is commendable, and it's much better than only liking one type of thing.

See, the thing is, for something to be "eclectic" is has to span a range of categories which don't normally fit together. Such diversity is what makes it Eclectic.

Zyra's website is eclectic. You can see that by the extraordinary range of stuff there is. So, when people say "What's Zyra's website ABOUT?", they are asking a question similar to "What's the encyclopaedia about?", as if it's a book about a particular topic. Of course the encyclopaedia is about everything, and Zyra's website is about almost everything! You can see this by the diversity of different subjects covered.

This is what eclectic is about!

So, when you see "Zyra's website is eclectic and eccentric", remember it's not "electric", it's "eclectic".

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