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Daisy Rock Guitars

Daisy Rock Guitars

A Decade Of Daisy Rock

Ladies, it's time to rock with electric guitars and basses to suit your hand size. Tish Ciravolo has a range of instruments to suit your size and style!

Daisy Rock Guitars:

"Daisy Rock is a girl-guitar company founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo.

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars has instruments available in over 26 countries worldwide, and the company is co-owned and distributed by Alfred Music Publishing.

All Daisy Rock guitars have lightweight bodies, and have 'Slim & Narrow' neck profiles to better fit smaller hands. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars has two extensive product catalogs.

'DEBUTANTE by Daisy Rock' is a line of beginner guitars and basses that consists of Daisy, Butterfly, Heartbreaker, Star, and other models geared specifically for beginners.

'DAISY ROCK' is a line of professional guitars and basses consisting of full-scale models like the Rock Candy, Stardust, and Siren series".

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Daisy Rock Guitars

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