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HIPPY links at www.zyra.org.uk

Hippyland / hippy.com

The Hippy Ring of Peace (was http://www.rdescape.com/Hippyring/ )


Mystic Merchant

Hippy's Happy Home Page - was www.hippy.freeserve.co.uk


Let's Go Retro!

Crystal Age

UK Hippy Forum

Happy Hippy Stuff (was http://www.happyhippystuff.com )

Oh My Groovy Goddess - was http://www.ohmygroovygoddess.com

The Hippy Corporation

The Hempest

Hemp jewellery by Conscious Creations (Gone! Was http://www.conscious-creations.com/ )

Hippy Head Hemp Music Shops (Gone! Was http://www.musicgods.com/shops/ )

"We are mellow, Santa Cruz, CA hippies, selling human, animal and eco-friendly goods to our environmentally conscious customers".
(was http://www.goodhumans.com/)

Blooming Body
"All natural skin care products for pregnancy and beyond. Great information, plus herbal products to relieve your itchy belly, prevent stretch marks, and keep you comfortable and glowing -- naturally!".
- was www.bloomingbody.com

Everyone Does It.com - Virtual Cannabis Cafe

Hip Planet

Cool Hippy Jewellery - http://members.aol.com/jellyfrogz/ - shame about the uncool AOL Hometown!

Happy Hippy eco-friendly directory

Hippy / to be Hip; definition: Originally derived from HEP - ancient word meaning TO BE AWARE. Also Hep Cat!

Also see Alternative Market , Head Shops, Eco-stuff and various other stuff which will be put on here when we get around to it.


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